xxxxxxxxxxx Welcome to Jappan's Tours. We offer safe, friendly, and informative tours of the Cordillera region.
Here's a perfect way to maximize your time when touring the Banaue area. You can in three days easily see the most popular tourist atttactions: Batad, Bontoc, Sagada, and Hapao.


1. No wasted time finding local transport or haggling over prices. We use our own SUV and quote a single price while other guides hire local jeepneys which will add to your cost.
2. All breakfast and accommodation are included.
3. Includes your return ticket to Manila on a deluxe bus, or to Baguio via van, depending on your next destination.
4. From the moment of your arrival in Banaue you incur no additional costs except for personal purchases such as souvenirs, lunch and dinner which gives you the opportunity to experience different local dishes.


THE EVE OF DAY 1: You leave Manila on the night bus at your own expense.
DAY 1: Arrive in Banaue, visit Batad, sleep at our lodge in Banaue.
Day 2: Visit Bontoc and Sagada, sleep at our lodge in Banaue.
Day 3: See more of the Banaue area, including the Hapao Rice Terraces. Depart Banaue on the 8PM bus to Manila. (ticket price included in package and seats pre-purchased).

PHP 4,200 per pax (this is our 7-person price but if you are a small family of 3 or a school group of 40 we can always adapt the prices and tour to fit your needs! Contact us for quotes; we are always willing to work with you.

> Accommodation: 2 nights in Banaue proper
> Breakfast (extra drinks/orders will be at guest's own expense)
> Appropriate entrance fees and tour guides
> Private transportation in our comfortable 7-passenger Mitsubishi 4x4 (Batad, Bontoc, Sagada, Hapao) to all tour sites
> Bus fare to Manila or Baguio


I am Jesus Victor Bustamante, a native of north Luzon with both Ifugao and Ilocano heritage. Jappan is just a nickname my family uses and you are welcome to call me that. My parents have been involved in the tourism business since the 1980s and they own both the Las Vegas Lodge and the Las Vegas Restaurant in Banaue, so you can be assured we know what visitors to our province want and like. I went to college in Manila and am now a rice culture specialist, associated with an international organization with which I have traveled several times on foreign trips. My wife, a nurse who has also worked and traveled overseas, and I operate this tour business and have our own lodge in Banaue. We use our very comfortable Mitsubishi 7-passenger 4x4 to conduct our guests around the area.

(The Cordilleras is the name of the mountain chain in north central Luzon where many different tribal communities live. We are the highlanders of the Philippines while most Filipinos are lowlanders who live in coastal communities.)

We would be very happy to share some details of our life and heritage with you. I speak Ifugao (our provincial language), Ilocano (the language of convenience in northern Luzon), Tagalog (our national language), as well as English.

My wife and I would be very pleased if you could be our guests. Welcome to Banaue!

ALL PRICES on this website are in Philippine Pesos (PHP). Please remember that Banaue operates on a cash economy only. There are no banks in town and credit cards are not accepted. Here's a convenient Currency Convertor

We may ask you for a non-refundable deposit to guarantee your tour reservation. We lose a lot of revenue if someone is a "no-show" customer. If we'd known in advance that you're not coming we could have sold the tour to another customer. We are honorable people but we ask you to be honorable as well.


There is nightly bus service directly to our town from the University of Saint Thomas / Sampaloc area of Manila. Three companies have terminals in the area near the Lacson and España street intersection: Ohayami. Coda/KMS. and Florida. All three provide good service with modern buses. Florida however has deluxe buses with bathroom on board and has a second terminal in the Kamias/Cubao area along EDSA, very convenient to access, much more accessible than is the Sampaloc area.

Return service from Banaue back to Manila is also at night and that means your arrival in Manila will be about 4 or 5AM. At that hour EDSA already has bus and taxi traffic so you can easily move on to your final destination. At that same hour in Sampaloc there is mayhem with taxis, touts, porters, and lots of chaos due to the limited space and narrow streets.


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10:00 PM Departure from Manila to Banaue via Ohayami, Florida, or KMS/Coda bus

Day 1
7:00 AM Arrival in Banaue followed by check-in at our lodge to deposit baggage, quickly refresh, and have breakfast
9:00 AM Off to Batad via our private transport (comfortable Mitsubishi 7-passenger 4x4) where you will enjoy a nature trek through the lush forests of Batad, walk the famed amphitheatre-like rice terraces
1:00 PM Walk to the amazing 35-meter Tappiyah Waterfalls
4:00 PM Back to the guest house in Banaue for rest and relaxation

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6:30 PM Dinner at your own expense. We recommend you try “pinikpikan”, the highland’s native delicacy. This is your chance to roam about our small town and explore the various places to eat.
8:00 PM See a cultural show performed by local talents in Banaue Hotel (depending on availability; shows are not presented daily)

Day 2
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Depart to Sagada with stops at Banaue Viewpoint, Mt. Polis, Bayyo rice terraces, and the Bontoc museum
1:00 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Walk to Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins, see Burial Cave and Samaguing Cave, followed by a tour of Sagada town proper.
6:30 PM Return to the lodge in Banaue. Again, dinner is at your own expense so you can roam about our town and try different foods and restaurants.

Day 3
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Off to Hapao Rice Terraces, a World Heritage site which includes a hotspring where many tourists enjoy relaxing. Observe the traditional terraced rice terrace culture of this area.
1:00 PM Back to Banaue proper with free time at viewpoint and to roam about town proper for buying souvenirs.
6:00 PM Dinner at your own expense in one of Banaue's many eateries.
8:00 PM Departure on the evening bus to Manila


DAY ONE (Click on photos to enlarge)

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Your trek today will be to walk across the top of Batad's rock-walled rice terraces to the other side of the valley, toward that bald spot on the distant mountain. Near that area you'll walk downhill to the Tappiah Falls but of course you'll also retrace your steps to the start point. It's a bit of a workout but kids as young as six and people in their sixties do it so we know you can do it also. Lots of photo opportunities and lots of memories generated this day! Before returning to Banaue you'll do a roadside stop above the Banga-an Valley. Not to worry! You won't have to walk this one because we know you're tired from the Batad trek. This stop is just to enjoy the view of this compact little village and its orderly rice terraces.


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On the way to Bontoc and Sagada you'll make a rest stop at the Bayyo Rice Terraces as you enter Mountain Province. There's an Igorot fellow who's quite engaging and loves to be photographed as a warrior (He's actually the restroom attendent but loves to role play with tourists as well). No scams here; he only asks for modest donations for the use of the clean bathroom and for his photos. You then move on to Bontoc for the museum and then to Sagada's sights: the Hanging Coffins and the Burial Cave. Then you'll do your spelunking experience in Samaguing Cave (seen in the photo at the top of this website).


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Roadside view from top of a mountain where you see the continuation of the same road. To the right of the river and bridge is Banaue and to the left is Hapao. Further down the road are some lovely views of terraces and at one place the locals have built a viewpoint. We add a photo of the viewpoint here only to show the curious zip-line adjacent to it. It's used to move cement and other items to the other side of the valley where there are no roads. If not for the zip-line all items would have to be carried across the valley on the backs of residents. Practical, eh? Your final stop of the day in Hapao will be the Hot Springs. If the water gets too warm in that pool you can always go over the wall and cool off in the adjacent stream.


A perfect place to begin your Banaue experience!


Jappan Bustamante
Banaue Poblacion
Banaue, Ifugao 3601, Philippines

+63 918 440 9932

Guided tours to Banaue, Bontoc, Sagada, Batad, and the entire Cordillera Region

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The Department of Tourism oversees the tour industry and accredits lodges and guides.

We always welcome comments and suggestions from our past guests. Thanks to all for your contributions on travel websites and for your emails. We really do strive to give good service and hope we have done so!

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Johann wrote:
My family and I contracted with Jappan for the full 3-day tour in April of 2016 and we were extremely pleased with how it was managed. Whenever we saw something we'd like to photograph Jappan was willing to stop and wait for us. If we'd done this tour on our own and with public transport we'd not have been able to get out and take so many photos. If we'd done so our transport would have moved on and we'd have had to wait for the next available jeepney or bus. That would have meant lots of wasted time.